STELLARIX is the digital transformation partner of African businesses

Stellarix is a privately held, multi-operator pan-African data hosting
and infrastructures management company.


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Data hosting and infrastructure management in Africa are our core business at STELLARIX

We offer colocation, cloud, virtualization and interconnection services, as well as a wide range of IT solutions to support the digital transformation of businesses. We provide our customers with solutions to host, deploy and manage their network infrastructures. Our priority is the security of your infrastructures, which is why our solutions meet international standards.

Our cloud solutions allow you to easily and securely back up your online data. Our cloud solution is 100% locally hosted in one of our data centers on the continent to maximise your data’s security. Our certified and expert team will assist you in implementing your solutions and can take over the management of your IT network to ensure your peace of mind.

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Our Mission

Streamline companies’ digital transformation

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Whychoose us?

The most powerful technology needs the best specialists. That’s why we provide specialized technical support that is available to you round the clock. From the setup of your product to its online release, your personal STELLARIX consultant is there for you every step of the way.

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An advanced and scalable infrastructure

STELLARIX has positioned itself as the first pan-African private and multi-operator provider and owner of its data centers. Its infrastructure complies with various international standards, and its certified business experts provide customers with a global ecosystem of solutions, ensuring ease and operational flexibility.

15 years of knowledge and expertise

As a trusted partner, STELLARIX’s cohesive and expert teams support you in optimising your strategic systems. With more than 15 years of experience, STELLARIX adapts to technical evolutions and increasingly demanding requirements to develop high-quality tailor-made solutions.

Proximity for quality

STELLARIX provides personalized and end-to-end support for your projects. Our commitment to your satisfaction allows us to anticipate your projects from the early stages to the complete delivery of your solution. Strict and accurate specifications are drawn up to provide a clear and rapid solution. Our priorities are offering a best-in-class level of service and complete and continuous customer support. Our dedicated technical support, available 24/7, ensures your infrastructure’s durability and peace of mind.


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